Happy girls are the prettiest.

Han fick utlösning och jag fick en underbar bebis!
ℳolly ♥


Idag har vi varit på bvc och allt såg så bra ut så, min skrutta växer som hon ska och hon är minsann en lycklig & välmående bebis.


Postat av: MAGGIE

I saw your blog for the first time yesterday.

You obviously already now this but and i had to say it anyway, you have the most beautiful baby in the world, and she always looks so happy, that only means you're doing a great job.

Best wishes for you both,L&L

Mag xx

2012-05-07 @ 20:04:31
Postat av: Sara

Aw, what a beautiful thing to say! I love it when people say nice things like that, it means a lot. Thank's beautiful, whoever you are!

2012-05-07 @ 20:09:02
URL: http://sarabaeckstrom.blogg.se/
Postat av: MAGGIE

Well, the truth must be said.

I took the liberty to send you a friend request on facebook,sorry for the intrusion, i completely understand if you reject it.

2012-05-07 @ 20:20:44
Postat av: Sara

Oh that was you! I usually don't accept peoples friend request's on facebook if I don't know who it is. But for you I will make an exception, hihi.

2012-05-07 @ 20:40:20
URL: http://sarabaeckstrom.blogg.se/
Postat av: MAGGIE

Thank you, i'm not a criminal,so don't worry :D i'm just a bit weird,that's all,and i usually don't send friend requests to strangers too, but i saw your blog and thought 'oh what an incredible courageous woman' and lucky too!Believe me is not everyday that you see someone of our age with the strenght and hability to raise a human being and for what i saw you need recognition.

2012-05-07 @ 20:56:51
Postat av: Sara

Hahaha not to worry I can be pretty weird too! Your friend request is accepted. And I think you look really cute by the way.

2012-05-07 @ 21:17:08
URL: http://sarabaeckstrom.blogg.se/
Postat av: MAGGIE

Oh thank you!You're stunning by the way :)

2012-05-07 @ 21:31:43

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